Adventure / Travel

Namibia Video Thumbnail
A road trip through the desertic landscapes of Namibia.
Matoufa, Cameroon Video Thumbnail
Matoufa, Cameroon
A video about the lifestyle of the people in the remote village of Matoufa.
Christchurch & Canterbury Video Thumbnail
Christchurch & Canterbury
People often ask me why I live in Christchurch... Well, here's why.
Mountaineering Video Thumbnail
Mountaineering in Mount Philistine
A short video about my first experience mountaineering.


Mt Hutt - Snow Palooza Video Thumbnail
Mt Hutt - Snow Palooza 2018
A snow kayak race in Mount Hutt.
Mud Sweat & Tears Video Thumbnail
Mud Sweat & Tears Challenge 2018
Yearly mud run in Christchurch.
Loess Rider Chainless Video Thumbnail
Loess Rider Chainless
Mountainbikers going downhill only using gravity to gain speed.

Real Estate

Bond Estate Accommodation
Luxury accommodation in Yaldhurst, Christchurch
Oude Wellington winery
A guest house located an hour from Cape Town, South Africa.

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